Interactive display

Interactive Display multiCLASS Touch Screen


The latest generation of interactive displays using multi-touch technology and the best 4K UHD definition.

The best image and video quality.

With 20-point multi-touch technology, which allows simultaneous use.

Work collaboratively, both locally and remotely, for increased productivity and improved results


With the possibility of downloading a multitude of applications.

Add annotations on the screen, to your files, videos, or images. Save and share!

Possibility of wirelessly connecting a mobile, tablet, laptop and / or chromebook.

Compatible with Windows, MAC, Chrome and Linux Operating System.

Interactive presentations allow you to connect faster and better with your audience.

Connect multiple devices (wired or wireless) and make classes and meetings more dynamic.

Work remotely with people anywhere in the world.


Streamline your work with multimedia and interactive content, take notes on videos, images and any type of file and stimulate the participation of your students in the classroom.




Vocational Training



Business Schools

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Hold more dynamic and collaborative meetings with this latest generation tool, generating interactive content, taking notes on videos, images and any other type of file.

Meeting rooms


Comercial Presentations


Public Sector




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Displays to all needs

The complete range of professional multiCLASS Touch Screen displays , has 20-point multi-touch infrared technology. It is available in different sizes:  65 "(4K UHD), 75" (4K UHD) and 86 "(4K UHD).

In addition, they are compatible with the main operating systems on the market:  Windows, MAC, Chrome and Linux.

Android OS integrated

The integrated Android operating system allows for use both online and offline, without the need to connect to any external PC.

It can:

  • Take notes on any software or application that is running (internet, videos, documents, etc.)
  • Be used as a white board, with different colours and thicknesses
  • Take screenshots (whole screen or areas) and paste it on our board, being able to rotate and resize the image
  • Open and play: videos, images and audios
  • Open PDF and office documents (compatible with MS Office)
  • Work with local files, from a USB or external hard drive or from the cloud (compatible with services such as: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Install thousands of applications available for Android

Wireless transmission 

You can stream from any laptop or mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

It is cross platform, compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Main functions: screen sharing, sending videos, remote screen control, notes and drawings, opening files, digital overhead projector, etc.

Ports and buttons

multiCLASS Touch Screen displays   have a wide variety of front and side connections. The front ports allow more convenient and direct access.

OPS Integrated

Available in two CPU modes; Intel Core i5 and i7, with solid state hard drives. It supports 4K screens with one of the smallest dimensions of the market and weighing only 1 kg. It has 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0, HDMI output, microphone input and audio output. To connect to the network, it has an RJ-45 connector to connect by cable and a pair of WiFi antennas for a better connection without cables.





multiCLASS Mount

multiCLASS Mount provides different supports for all touch screens according to your needs.


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Touchscreen Table

Touchscreen Table multiCLASS Kids Table

The touchscreen table multiCLASS Kids Table helps to enhance the abilities of the little ones in a fun way

32" LED touch-sensitive display.

With the possibility of downloading thousands of games and applications.

Rounded corners and totally stable. Available in two colours: Red and blue.

With 30-point multi-touch technology, which allows for multiple users.

Ability to connect wirelessly to other devices (screens, projectors, etc.).

Preschool Education

multiCLASS Kids Table is a versatile work tool through which teachers can involve younger students in daily activities, turning teaching into a playful process.

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Kids Corners

A space where children interact and spend time having fun with new technologies safely and without parents having to worry about them. With multiCLASS Kids Table, entertainment is guaranteed.

Waiting rooms

Shopping centers






Health facilities

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Thousands of applications at your fingertips

The interactive table  multiCLASS Kids Table  has an Android operating system that allows the installation of thousands of games, stories and educational applications available through Google Play.

It has a 32 "screen, a perfect size for children's teamwork. Its 30-touch multi-touch capacitive technology allows several children to work simultaneously.

Wireless Screen Transfer

It also has a built-in wireless screen transmission system that allows the main screen of the multiCLASS Kids Table to be sent to other devices (screens, projectors, etc.).

In this way you can share what is happening on the table to all present, sharing the image on a giant screen.

Customizable APP

Now multiCLASS Kids Table has its own App for children from ages 3 to 7 with customizable educational games and hobbies with the brand logo for greater impact.

  • Two puzzles of 6 and 12 pieces. Possibility of personalization of the images (Consult).
  • Two memory games
  • Drawing and colouring
  • Shape bubbles and letter bubbles
  • Find the differences
  • Spaceships
  • Air hockey


multiCLASS Kids Table in the classroom

Eva Usán, a teacher at the Colegio Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes de Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), tells us in this interview:

  • What is Learning by Playing
  • How the touch screen table is used in classes
  • Advantages of using this technology in school
  • What the children think
  • Skills and capabilities that are developed in the classroom
  • And how would she define the multiCLASS Kids Table in 5 words?


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Display mounts multiCLASS mount

The multiCLASS ™ Mount are a practical, simple and convenient solution that integrates all the necessary elements to create a multimedia classroom. By installing these mounts, you can integrate the different computer elements available in the classroom. Highly versatile, the multiCLASS ™ Mount adapts to different models of displays.

Interactive Displays Mounts

In multiCLASS the following types of mobile and height-adjustable interactive displays mounts are available: 

  • Basic Black Mount
  • Silver Mobile Mount
  • Adjustable Mount
  • Convertible Mount


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New Interactive Displays

multiCLASS releases the new high-resolution 4K UHD displays

Get to know the 6th generation of interactive displays and discover
why multiCLASS is one of the best valued brands on the market.
New design, new operating system and many improvements that
are transforming the way we interact in a classroom or a meeting room.

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Touchscreen Table


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